The Team

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The Team

Carl-Ivar Ahlqvist - CEO

Carl-Ivar has been working with sustainable brands and solutions for the last 10 years and is the co-founder of Having worked and lived in various parts of the world, Carl-Ivar brings the best of various cultures and countries. He has a Master Degree of International Economics from University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Sebastian Tamm - Founder

Sebastian Tamm has been working in the recycling industry for the last decade with many succesful ventures in Sweden. With his extensive market knowledge, expertise and network, Sebastian is a great asset for the company and enjoys the challenges of the US market. He has a Master Degree of International Economics from University of Gothenburg.

Kirill Batrakov

Kirill is currently studying at Baruch College and wants to change the way we recycle and the way we think about it. is the most efficient & independent facilitator for products, services & equipment within the Recycling & Waste industry.

We help you find the best solutions, connect you with the best suppliers and get you the most competitive price quotes from the local vendors.

We are independent in the way that we do not have any recycling operations ourselves as a lot of other companies do - just to make sure that you always get the best deal possible. Everyone, including companies, organizations and individuals will all get help to find the best suppliers and prices in the market. And this is indeed for free! 

We make sure that you will get Price Quotes from approved suppliers in your area. You decide who will help you out with your request!