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At we call all companies with products and services within the recycling and waste-management industry for Recycling & Waste companies

What is

The most efficient US marketplace for recycling and waste-manageement related products and services. We help our clients find the right suppliers for their needs through the internet. If your recycling company is interested to be part of this efficient way of getting new clients, please apply for free to become a member. Thereafter we will contact you in order to finalize your company profile so that you will get the clients that are of interest to your company.

What companies can become members?

At all companies working within the industry of recycling and waste-management and related products and services are welcome to apply for a free membership. Our main goal is to deliver quality to our users. Example of companies that can be members:

  • Recycling, Waste collectors & Transport companies
  • Recycling companies
  • Traders of recycled materials
  • End users (Power production companies, Smelting-plants, Paper producers etc
  • Distributor of waste-management machinery and products
  • Environmental consultants

The minimum requirements that we ask from our members are:

  • Company
  • Contact Person and Contact Details

How do we make our company a member?

To become a free member, please fill in our membership application or contact us by phone: 888-916-1858

Can we look into new Quote Requests & leads that we are not currently registered for? lists all Quote Requests where you as a member can access a request regardless if you have signed up for that specific field of interest. Just type in your registered email address and you will be able to access the Quote Request. If your company changes your scope of business or geographic area, please contact us and we will adjust your company profile accordingly.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us at or give us a call on 888-916-1858