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If you're in construction and demolition you know there is a lot of waste generated, but this can't just lie around the construction site. It has to be taken care of. Even better try to recycle it. If you weren't thinking about this second option, you wouldn't be on this website, so we gladly help you recycle those recyclables. Click on the button below and we'll get started right away!


About Recycling of Demolition & Construction Waste

Development is growing quickly in the recycling and waste management industry. The percentage of waste being recycled is increasing lately and this is all beneficial for the environment. The improvements are, among other things:

  1. Increase knowledge and awareness among users (companies, individuals etc)
  2. Improved logistics & technology in waste- management & recycling in general.
  3. Improved technology for processing material for recycling.

Do you have a profitable and environmentally optimal recycling at your company?

Maybe you'd think there wouldn't be as much recyclables at your construction site, but guess again, there are! Wood, metal, plastic, concrete, dry walls and even carpet, almost everything is recyclable! From interior to exterior demolition waste there are recyclables you can gather and have them picked up. You do have to sort them out in different materials, but by doing so they won't end up on a landfill and pollute the environment.

If you want to participate in improving the environment, ask for the recycling services and wait for the quotes coming in.

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