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E-waste recycling services can help you prevent your recyclables end up on a landfill, and we can help you get those services. So instead of throwing your company's electric recyclables in the trash can, just hold on to them for a bit and let us take care of it, or take them to a nearby Recycling Facility!

Electronics Recycling

About Electronics Recyclng & E-Waste

The Electronic scrap market is extremely nontransparent and different providers will charge you very differently for their services. Our goal is to provide you with 3-5 quality quotes from trustworthy e-scrap recyclers, so that you can get the best deal for your e-scrap.

Nowadays everybody owns at least one cellular phone and a computer. Besides those electronic devices there are camera's, TV's, computers, dvd-players and many more of which 20 to 50 million metric tons are thrown away. It only represents 2% of the total waste that is thrown in the landfills, but equals 70% of the total toxic waste, which is shocking. They contain a lot of environmentally hazardous materials and often also valuable precious metals. Make sure your e-scrap doesn't become landfill and that you get the right price for these potentially highly valuable materials. Make sure you get the best solution for your company, both environmentally as well as financially. Find the right entrepreneur here!

Facts: Electronic Scrap

  • E-scrap in the US is roughly 2% of the total waste produced in the US, though it contains roughly 70% of all the toxic waste.
  • Electronic recycling done correctly has a large positive impact on the environment.

Do you have a profitable and environmentally optimal recycling at your company?


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