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By recycling the organic waste of your company you reduce the output of methane gas into our air stream and light up your home and the ones around you! Request a quote and get that organic waste out of there!

Organic Recycling

About Organic Waste Recycling

Some might think that organic waste, like food, lawn disposal or even animal based material, will process itself and will dissolve if we throw it into a landfill. Unfortunately that is not the case. By throwing this organic waste into a landfill it stacks up and oxygen is cut off, therefor creating methane gas, which pours into our air. This methane gas is one of the main causes of Global warming and should therefor be reduced.

Facts - Organic waste

By recycling your organic waste this methane gas isn't created in a landfill, but in a Recycling Facility that exploits this methane gas to use it to light up our homes. Biodegradable waste can be used for composting or as a resource for heat, electricity and fuel by means of incineration (heat produces electricity) or anaerobicdigestion (a process that produces a biogas). Several States has enacted laws to divert food waste from landfills and more States will probably follow.


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