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Thinking of recycling your plastic waste? Good for you! Not only does it get you paid, but you're also helping the environment. Baled plastic has a lot of value per ton and by recycling plastic you reduce 80% of the energy to create new plastic bottles. The only thing that is more lucrative is aluminum. So request a quote and start making money of that plastic!

Plastic Recycling

About Plastic Recycling 

As you may know, it takes hundreds of years to break down plastics. Just for your information, in 2007 the US produced more than 30 million tons of plastic waste. Luckily, there have been a lot of changes in legislation in the last decade, which reduces the landfills and the contamination of the seas. Plastic recycling is the process of recovering waste plastic and re-processing the material into useful products or new raw materials. There are many hurdles within the art of plastic recycling such as:

  • low density
  • low value (compared to metal recycling)
  • Various technicial difficulties

Commonly recycled plastic types

There are a lot of different types of plastics and in addition a lot of different dyes, fillers, and other additives that makes plastic recycling even more tricky.

  • PET - Post/Pre-consumer polyethylene terephthalate: Soft drinks and small consumer electronics
  • LDPE - Low-density polyethylene: Frozen food bags, plastic wrappings, etc. 
  • HDPE - high-density polyethylene: Water pipes, plastic bottles and containers
  • PP - Disposable cutlery, plates, cups, etc. 
  • EPS/PS - polystyrene. Usually needs some kind of compaction in order to get an efficient recycling solution. Plastic foam, etc.

All these different types of plastics can be combined, but it's better to sort them. The more your recyclables are sorted, the more money you earn, because it’s easier to recycle. 

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