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Self Contained Compactor prices

Self Contained Compactors - What to think about

You can find Self Contained Compactors in all different kinds of shapes and sizes, but it’s not the size that counts. What does count is that it helps you save a lot of pain in the a**. Every time there is a ton of waste that’s leftover and the only thing to get rid off is to gather it and pay someone to pick it up and then the whole process repeats itself again. Stop this and get your own Self Contained Compactor!

With this self contained compactor you don’t need to worry about keeping an eye on the waste every time. Like the name says, it’s self containing so the only thing you need to worry about is filling it, so it has something to do. As a container and compactor in one it changes two processes into one. With the time you used to be sorting your garbage, you can now produce even more!

What’s even better is that once the compactor is installed you reduce pickup costs, smells and other foul still like other containers do.

Now that you know that you need a Self Contained Compactor for your food and other wet waste, you need to figure out if you want to purchase, rent or lease. We'll be happy to help you out and find the best solution for you! After pressing the orange button we will get back to you with the best recycling solution for your waste from our local partners. Fast, Easy & Free!

Here are some Self Contained Compactor Prices (ballpark figures), to get some specific Price Quotes we will be happy to help you!

New Self Contained Compactor:      $20,000 - $30,000
Used Self Contained Compactor:     $15,000 - $25,000
Rental Self Contained Compactor:   $400 p/mnth and up


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