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All that foam you’ve stacking up should be gotten taken care, right? Well a Foam Densifier will help you out. A Foam Densifier transfers the foam to compressed logs or blocks so you can stack them on pallets and earn money of them by selling it to a recycling service.

The only thing that you need to figure out before you buy one of these machines, is the kind of Densifier you’d like. Because there is some difference in the way they work. For example if you’d like your foam waste altered in blocks or logs, then the Hydraulic Densifier or Screw Driver Densifier is your thing in need. Both crush the foam and collect it in a big bag, from which it’s transported to the chamber. Once in the container the former uses pressure just as the Screw Driver does, but this Hydraulic Densifier can convert different kind of densities by a hydraulic press, unlike the Screw Driver Densifier.

The Screw Driver Densifier uses a auger to press the foam to a block, but is operated the best way if used with only one density. If your company uses mostly just one density of foam, then you should get this one!

As a combination of these Densifiers above, there is the Hybrid Densifier that will compress it with both a hydraulic pressure and a auger. Best of both worlds combined in one machine!

Finally but not least there is the Thermal Densifier that heats the foam once processed and melts it in a long flexible rope of foam, instead of blocks. There is some help required to shape it onto a pallet to be transported and recycled. The upside of this processed foam is that it can withstand rain and wind, so you can easily store it outside. And if you have a well ventilated room where the Thermal Densifier will be placed, you won’t even notice the smell.

Now that you’ve got a chance to meet all of the different types, you can decide which one will help you out of all that stacked foam and make money from it!

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