Horizontal Baler Prices?

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Horizontal Baler Prices

Are you generating large loads of cardboard, plastic or other recyclables? A Horizontal Baler might be your thing.

Horizontal Balers are  machines designed high productivity. Depending on your needs tou might want a baler that has is totally automized, a baler for a single material or for multiple materials. We can help you the best solution for you needs.

  • Closed end full eject Horizontal Baler - Paper, OCC, plastics, and all non-ferrous materials
  • Open end Auto Tie Horizontal Baler - Cardboard, carpet etc.
  • Closed end Horizontal Baler - - Paper, OCC, plastics, and all non-ferrous materials
  • Full eject Stampler - plastics, office paper, Cardboard, non-ferrous metals etc

Here are some Ballpark figures on Horizontal Baler Prices, but if you want specific Price Quotes, feel free to contact us.

Used Horizontal Baler:   $10,000 - $150,000 (Generally)
New Horizontal Baler:       $45,000 - $400,000 (Generally)


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