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Instead of throwing your paper in the trashcan, you can use a Shredder that will shred the paper. Besides that, you don’t want your important files be readable for everyone once you’ve thrown it away, do you? By shredding it, nobody will ever be able to decipher these so called valuable documents of yours.
So don’t throw it away, use it to your advantage and shred it! A lot of companies want to use it, for instance toilet paper companies would love to get their hands on your shredded paper. Just make sure it is processed in the right way and get yourself a manufacturer who wants it. Not only do we help you find that right Shredder, but also that manufacturer that desperately needs your paper.

Of course there is some tutorial of recycling the right paper. Not every piece of paper is easily recycled as others. Papers to avoid are the glossy or colored ones, because recycling companies have difficulty with recycling these. Other than that you can do whatever you want!

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